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– What is a preset ?

Presets are some pre defined settings, designed to achieve a certain look on your photo. It’s basically similar to what we usually call « filters »  available for Adobe Lightroom.

A lot of you may know the famous application Vsco, it’s exactly the same: filters designed to change your photos, but in a more « professional »  way.

– Which program do I need to use the presets ?

You need the Adobe Lightroom Desktop version for computer, or the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile application.

Lightroom desktop needs a monthly subscription of 11,99€ and only work on desktop. Mobile presets are compatible with Lightroom CC app. The application is available on iTunes for iPhones & Google Play and it’s free, it doesn’t require any subscription.

Please note : The presets for desktop works only for desktop, and presets for mobile only works for mobile.

– Can I use the presets for JPEG pictures ?

Yes, and to be honest, I don’t use RAW image, because 90% of my pictures are made only for Instagram, and I personally don’t think shooting in RAW for Instagram is worth it. This is my personal opinion but I can understand people who prefer to shoot in RAW.

So my presets works much better on JPEG files.

– How do I import the presets on my mobile Lightroom application ?

If you purchase a mobile pack from my shop, you will automatically receive it by email with a step-by-step guide I created. This guide is in English version but also in French. It will help you to put the presets into your Lightroom application and it will explain you how to use them on your pictures.

– How do I get a guarantee the presets will work for me ?

Unfortunately, you don’t. I want to be honest and open with you here. This is the presets I create for myself, my own style and my Instagram feed. I can’t guarantee you will like it or if it will be what you want for your photos. You can go to the page « before / after » to make sure you can see how the presets for different kind of pictures.

If you want, before buying one of my preset packs you can send me an email at: meryldenispresets@gmail.com with 2/3 photos, and I will try to edit one of them with one of my presets and send it back to you for free.

So you can see how it works on your pictures. * I can only offer this for only one photo per person.

– Will my pictures look like yours ?

Unfortunately, the answer is still no again for this one. Because what makes a «  good »  photo is not just the presets (or it would be too easy).

The final outcome will depend on many different factors : your camera, your lens,  your camera settings, lighting, your skin tones, your personal style or even the location, the pictures will never be the same. No matter how good your presets are.

While I use all these preset on my own pictures, please remember I tweak my own pictures, adjust the light if needed..etc

– Can I have a refund on my downloaded presets ?

The presets can’t be refunded due to the nature of the digital products and the industry’s standards. Please make sure that you have Adobe Lightroom and that the version of your software is compatible with our products before proceeding with the purchase.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at : meryldenispresets@gmail.com , Maxime or myself will try to answer you in the next hours to help you as much as we can.