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The Ocean package has 7 different presets, they can only be used on Adobe Lightroom Desktop.

2 of them are made especially for sunset/sunrise (Ocean 6 Golden Hour and Ocean 7 Sunset).

1 of them is made for underwater pictures (Ocean 5 Underwater).

This pack is perfect for any destination with sea, sun and beach. Any kind of summer pictures could work as well, wherever it was taken. This package was made for my love for the ocean and the beach.

Feel free to play and use the presets with any pictures, you could be surprised.

Please, keep in mind that all the presets work in a different way on every image, depending on the camera you use, the lens, the light, the location. The presets is not a magic solution, you will have to adjust and tweak the picture individually on your Lightroom.

Make sure also to check all the «before/after » pages before buying a pack.

You will receive the presets via a .zip file directly via email once the payment is received.